HVAC Technology Enhancements for Energy Conservation

HVAC very well may be the largest energy user in a commercial building.  When you add heating, cooling, and ventilating together and treat them as a single system (as they generally are), it is 45 to 70% of the building’s energy use.  For comparison, lighting is usual just 10-30%.  Of course a lot depends on climate, building type, and building usage, but HVAC should be a major retro-fit target for those who are concerned about energy conservation.


Event Location: 

FOUR POINTS BY SHERATON NORWOOD 1125 Boston Providence Turnpike | Norwood | MA 02062 | (781) 769 7900


1.      Investigation survey

a.      Energy auditor

b.      Commissioning agent

c.      Monitoring tools

2.      Improve building envelop and lighting

3.      HVAC Improvements

a.      Programmable Thermostats

                                                              i.     ease of retro-fit

                                                             ii.     payback less than 6 months

                                                            iii.     Adaptive Intelligent Recovery

                                                            iv.     Internet accessible

                                                             v.     Common errors

b.      Outdoor Air Economizers

                                                              i.     Describe 3 main types of control

                                                             ii.     Integrated Economizer concept

c.      Zoning Systems

                                                              i.     Diversity credit

                                                             ii.     Fan energy reduction

                                                            iii.     Supply Air Reset

                                                            iv.     Static Reset

d.      Occupancy Sensors

                                                              i.     Motion detectors

                                                             ii.     CO2-based Demand Controlled Ventilation

                                                            iii.     Operable Window Interlock

                                                            iv.     What to avoid

e.      Building Automation Systems

                                                              i.     Overview

                                                             ii.     Internet accessible

f.       Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

                                                              i.     Overview

                                                             ii.     Energy saving potential

g.      Variable speed pumping retro-fit

                                                              i.     What is required

h.      Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV)

                                                              i.     Can be adapted to existing systems

                                                             ii.     What does code allow

                                                            iii.     HRV or ERV

                                                            iv.     Wheel or fixed plate

                                                             v.     IAQ improvements

i.       “Right Sizing” Equipment

j.       Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

                                                              i.     Why so popular

                                                             ii.     3 to 4 times as efficient as electric resistance or gas heat

                                                            iii.     Ease of retro-fit

k.      Geothermal systems

                                                              i.     Heat pumps

                                                             ii.     Heat/Cool Geo Chiller

l.       Chiller retro-fits

                                                              i.     Series counterflow

                                                             ii.     Low temp systems

                                                            iii.     Waterside economizer

                                                            iv.     Evaporative condensing

Tools & References: 

A copy of presetation will be available on the MAEEP website under the Education and Training Menu.


Mr. Ryan Hoger, LEED® AP BD+C

Payment Address: 

University of Massachusetts Department of Mach. & Ind. Engineering
160 Governors Dr. Amherst, MA 01003-9265
Attn. Alberto Morales

Event Date: 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 - 8:00am




Event Type: 

Event Benefits: 

1. Participants will be guided thru the steps recommended to improve HVAC energy efficieny in an existing commercial building.

2. How to identify the areas of energy improvement

3. Discuss HVAC interaction with other building systems (envelope and lighting) as related to energy use

4. How to act quickly on the “low hanging fruit”

5. Discuss energy saving HVAC technologies

Who Should Attend: 

HVAC Technicians

Utilitiy Representatives

Building Managers

Utility End-Users