OpenStudio Introductory Trainings SESSION #2
Thursday, June 10, 2021 - 10:00am to 11:30am
50 slots available
Training Overview:

The OpenStudio Introductory Trainings are designed to introduce users to OpenStudio (OS) as a whole and quickly get users running “shoebox” simulations in the OpenStudio Application (OS App). Goals for the training include: 1) understanding benefits of EnergyPlus based simulations for building energy models serving utility programs; 2) learning to quickly set up and run a wide variety of “shoebox” models in the OS App; 3) knowing where to find essential resources to continue expanding the range of buildings and technologies users can model in the OS App.
The training will be fast paced, targeting getting participants running successful models as quickly as possible. We believe that it’s useful to get users to run and alter models quickly through automated processes. Then, being inherently curious practitioners, they can spend time on their own or with peers picking those models apart, learning how they work, and in the process better understanding the OpenStudio Application. We hope to develop further trainings based on the attendees’ exploration and feedback that will dive into more specific technical topics.

Event Benefits:

Learn to run models in OpenStudio quickly,
Discuss BEM advances that are enabling more advanced decarbonization analysis
Overview of the OpenStudio software universe

Who Should Attend:

EVERSOURCE Engineers, NGRID Engineers, and those interested in learning OpenStudio software.


Session 1: Running OS - Quick early Design Workflows
Run before we walk”
OS Modeling Basics
Running an Automated OS Workflow

Session 2: Backup to an Overview of OpenStudio
Future Grid Measures: Timesteps, Technology, and EnergyPlus
Introduction to OpenStudio
App, PAT, SDK, etc.

Session 3: Expanding the OS Workflow
Alternate Workflows and Model Inspection
Building Component Library (BCL) and More Measures

Tools & References:

The training will focus on using the OpenStudio Application v1.1.0 (OS App). Below are links to install the OS App along with some helpful documentation and short training videos that will be helpful to review prior to the training.

DView is a free data visualization tool that is designed to work with EnergyPlus SQL outputs, which are produced during OS App runs. Although not required, DView is extremely useful for inspecting various model output variables to validate or trouble shoot simulations.

Primary Software Tool: OpenStudio Application
OpenStudio Application v1.1.0 (scroll to the bottom of the page for the installer):
OpenStudio Application Documentation:
OpenStudio (updated) YouTube Videos:

Essential Supplemental Tools
DView: Convenient EnergyPlus output visualization tool

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